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CSU Overview Part 2

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

EOP, what is EOP? EOP stands for Educational Opportunity Program that designs, administers, and supports programs that offers opportunities and services to low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. Students that can apply are those students that come from low-income households and are at a educational disadvantage. Among those criteria students we demonstrate motivation for success, meet income requirements and show academic potential. EOP offers several incentives to join their program, students that are accepted into EOP receive outreach, admissions, academic and financial support. Students in the program are also able to get advising, tutoring, mentoring and workshops to increase retention and graduation rates.

Before we go into applying we have to look into Impaction. Impaction is when too many qualified Applicants want to go to a school or Major but the School does not have enough chairs. Therefore, makes the school/major more competitive.

Here you can check out the Eligibility Index and GPA Calculator to show if you are eligible to apply as well as the Eligibility Index Table.

Eligibility Index
Download PDF • 122KB

Going through your A-G's gives you a picture of how far you have come as well as where you are going as you will plan the classes you will be taking to graduate and apply to college. Once you work on your A-G's send it over to your case manager to discuss your status and begin wprking on your application.

A-G Plan
Download PDF • 180KB

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