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Community College #1 & College Summer Programs

Good afternoon College Bound!!! I hope you all have had a great day we are here with our new workshop of the week. Today Mr. Eddies goes over "Community College #1 & College Summer Programs" we cover the awesome programs within the community college system along with tools to help you maximize your time while at a Community College. Along with the awesome opportunities at a CC we also go over Summer Programs for Underclass students. Down below you will find our program schedule, flyers, and additional items we had available for work. Hope to see you all soon. If you haven't please meet with a case manager to ensure you are on track. Thank you!

Spring 2022 Summer Options ALL
Download PDF • 7.86MB
Spring 2022 College Classes
Download PDF • 180KB
January Weekly Calendar 2022
Download PDF • 214KB

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