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About College Bound

“College Bound…because we believe every child must have the best opportunity for college.”


The purpose of College Bound is to introduce and expose Club members to the idea of college and prepare them for a successful experience. College Bound’s one-on-one case management strategy, youth receive the guidance, support, and resources they need to meet the academic, financial, and testing requirements for public and private universities. The intensive and comprehensive case management serves as the heart of the program. Case Management provides teens (6th – 12th graders) with guidance, encouragement, and resources that they need to obtain their educational goals.


The College Bound Case Manager works on three important items with each youth: (1) the vision and belief that a college education is in their future; (2) the road map to achieve their college dream; and (3) building the skills to get to college. Case Managers track academic progress and note the classes needed to meet the curriculum requirements of the University of California, California State, and community college systems. Students are introduced to and begin preparing for standardized tests and applications. Over the course of the program, the Case Manager works with youth to develop academic goals. They guide youth through application and testing procedures, provide academic tutoring, assist with financial aid applications, teach youth to managing deadlines, advocate on their behalf, counsel parents, and provide cultural mentoring. In short, the Case Manager acts as the child’s educational “guardian angel”, guiding each Club member through the unfamiliar and unpredictable landscape of college preparation, application process, eventual acceptance and transition.


The second component of College Bound is daily tutoring. Each day, the Teen Center implements Power Hour to ensure that all teen Club Members focus on academics daily. During Power Hour, teens receive tutoring and homework assistance. Through College Bound, youth receive an array of resources to help them reach their academic and personal goals – resources that are not readily available or even accessible to the majority of our youth. These range from SAT prep classes, intensive scholarship application workshops, a financial aid fair, and college credit courses. These resources can make the difference between community college and a university for many youth.


Weekly College Bound activities like A-G college requirement workshops, SAT classes, application workshops, writer’s workshops, and intensive scholarship application workshops, provide youth with knowledge and information. Exposure activities, trips to universities, mentors, and guest speakers help students believe that college is an attainable goal.


College Bound resources and activities support the case management. Case Management is the key to the success and impact of the program. Case Management introduces youth to the idea of college, builds their belief that it is attainable, and motivates them to work towards college.


The goal of the College Bound program is to guide, monitor and ensure high school graduation among the youth in the community. By doing so, the program ensures the youth are able to meet high school graduation and college admission requirements, college entrance testing requirements, financial aid knowledge and the development of being the “whole packaged” students.

The program guides the youth through understanding the advantage of taking rigorous high school courses, college exposure trips, transiting from high school to college. Our goal is continue education for all of our members.

Meet The Team


Yesenia Augilar

College Bound Director

Growing up in San Pedro as the youngest child of immigrant and divorced parents, and while her two older brothers joined local gangs and were eventually convicted of felonies and sent to prison, Yesenia joined the San Pedro Boys Club in search of a different and better life. After graduating from San Pedro High School in 1995, Yesenia left to attend San Jose State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science in 2001. While pursuing her teaching credential, she was asked by the Boys and Girls Club which she attended as a youth to come back to the community she grew up in to take over the reins of its College Bound Program. Under her leadership, this college pathway support program has grown from approximately 30 teens and 1 senior served 18 years ago to over “2000” total participants in 2020 with 622 of these being high school seniors. In addition, while approximately 50% of the Club’s seniors graduated on time when she took the leadership role of College Bound – in 2021, “99%” of the College Bound seniors graduated on time and 96% went on to a 2 or 4-year colleges that fall.


Karla Sanchez

College Bound Coordinator & Liaison

My name is Karla Sanchez, I graduated from San Pedro High School and Proud College Bound San Pedro Alumni. I attended and graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology from California State University, Humboldt. Being the oldest and 1st Generation Dreamer I found out that the mentors I had were the keystone in my journey🦋 

I love learning, laughing, nice sunset, COOKIES, exploring new places, road trips, and nature!  

I am excited to be able to give back to my community youth.  My experiences have shaped me, and they equipped me to be a better mentor.  I am enthusiastic about guiding and pushing the students to discover and pursue their true passion. 

#Unapologetic Educator and Unafraid!


Eduardo Valderramos

Dymally Liaison

Eddy grew up in the Los Angles Area by LAX. HE started his relationships with Community based organizations in Elementary School when he was part of a Program called YES which supported students with access to private education. They even supported him through his College application process with scholarships and resources. To pay it forward he joined the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles Harbor College Bound Program in 2016 to help Low income first generation students like home get a better handle on their opportunities for higher education and scholarship support. He has been actively helping student from our lovely Port Site and is more than happy to help anyone. Fun facts about him loves to cook and bake plus used to dance in all genres of dance for over 10 years!


Karina Dorado

Phineas Banning

Karina Dorado is a native of San Pedro, she enjoys giving back to her community. Her passion for higher education was sparked as a child growing up. Karina graduated from San Pedro High School  and obtained her B.A in Chicano Studies from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). She is  passionate about education equity and college access and success. Informed by her personal experience as a Dreamer and first generation college student and her years spent providing direct support and counseling to the Wilmington community, Karina is continually motivated by the belief that postsecondary education should be a viable option  for everyone.

My Pic.PNG

Patricia Arbizo

Narbonne Liaison

Patricia Arbizo is First Generation to Graduate in her family. Despite many obstacles that she was confronted with, she never gave up and achieved her goal. Patricia is now working on what she believes and loves the most, which is to help students with their college needs in order for them to reach their goals and succeed in life. So reach out to her, she will guide you in the right direction.


Ingrid Gurrola

John C. Fremont Liaison 

I grew up in Wilmington and graduated from Banning High School. I attended California State University Dominguez Hills where I earned my Bachelor's in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. My favorite pastime is watching Clipper basketball with my family.


Sayra Valdez

POLAH Liaison

I graduated from San Pedro High School, and I am a College Bound Alumna. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in Anthropology, Double Certified in Global Studies and Economy & Culture, and minored in Business Management.​ I am the first in my family to attend and graduate from a University. I look forward to assisting and supporting all students in achieving their goals and aspirations.


Ludivina Carrillo

Diego Rivera Learning Complex

Proud DREAMer and first generation college Latina graduate. Privileged to say I am a UCLA alumni, class of 2019. Thankful that I get to come back and make a difference to my community that gave me so much.


Carlos Hernandez


UC Irvine alumni, first in my family to go to college and first in my family to graduate college. Born in GTO, MX, raised in South LA. Passionate about social justice!

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